The next incarnation of our GoFWS. From the lessons learnt so far writing GoFWS, we wanted to create a fully compatible HTTP2.0 server.

Noteable features so far over GoFWS include;

  • HTTP2.0 compliance from the ground up,
  • a new multiplexer based on radix trees with parameter parsing,
  • a new worker pool,
  • a revised event system,
  • markdown based html template files,
  • automatically reload changed files,
  • query cache for database query results,
  • page cache for GET requests.

The above changes reduce time to first byte, and increase throughput of web server request handling significantly over GoFWS.

As there was far too much of the original code base to change, we have opted to create a new product. Therefore all our existing applications can continue to use GoFWS and be keep being supported.

Initial tests look promising with wrk benchmarks achieving respectable requests per second, and faster than GoFWS, Fasthttp and Go's net/HTTP on the same system, under like for like tests.

Whilst still in its alpha stage of development, it is too early to release full qualified benchmarks as much testing is still required, but heading in the right direction.

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