Do you find yourself asking questions like these ?
  • Are our servers secure ?
  • How many backups of our data do I really need ?
  • Are our data backups working and are they reliable ?
  • Can we recover from our backups in the event of hardware failure or malicous attack ?
  • How much IT downtime can my business really support ?
  • Can our business survive if we experience a data loss ?
If you have not been asking these questions, you should be. Its a known fact that 60-70% of businesses that lose their data end up closing their doors. How will you manage ? link

We can help you answer all the above questions and many more. The world of IT is a fast moving target, but with relevant safe guards in place, most problems can be mitigated.

With best practices in data backups and routine off-site storage even the worst event can be overcome.

A backup of your data is only of use to you if it can be successfully restored and access to all data is possible. We have experienced time and time again, backups that fail and not be restorable. We have also seen on numerous occasions the backup medium failing during a restore.

How We Can Help

You can be mindful that your data is safe and adequate backups have been provisioned by using our support services. We can also;
  • Check your server's hardware health
  • Ensure Security Patches are installed
  • Ensure Anti-Virus is functional, updated, on-access scanning is enabled, and that a full system scans are routinely run.
  • Ensure your system's Firewall is enabled and correctly configured, verifying any exceptions rules that may be present.
  • Daily Backup monitoring to ensure backups are taking place, catch any failures and remedy the issues
  • Monthly and/or Weekly Backup testing to ensure your backups are restorable
  • Configure off-site or Cloud Backups
  • Upgrade existing applications to reduce security risks caused by exploits
  • Full system security audits to assess risks due to changes in applications or configurations

Our Server Maintenance Plans

* PAYG - Labour charged at our standard hourly rate as and when needed
** Average time over one calender month, equivalent to 4.3, 8.6 and 12.9 hours per month. Additional time over allowance billed at the end of month at standard hourly rate
*** We will prioritise the support you need over standard customer service

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