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Getting Started With Software Development

It is easy to start on a pre-paid service block, no fixed term contracts to sign and you decide what you want to spend in advance.

Simply purchase pre-paid blocks of Software Development Labour in blocks of 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 hours.

During development we will let you know in advance that you may need to purchase more time and keep costs down compared with ad-hoc labour charges. If you have exhausted your pre-allocated hours, simply purchase another block of hours.

Our Pre-Paid Software Development Plans

10 Hours Pre-Paid

5% Saving Over PAYG *

20 Hours Pre-Paid

8% Saving Over PAYG *

40 Hours Pre-Paid

11% Saving Over PAYG *

60 Hours Pre-Paid

14% Saving Over PAYG *

80 Hours Pre-Paid

17% Saving Over PAYG *

100 Hours Pre-Paid

20% Saving Over PAYG *

* PAYG - Labour charged at our standard hourly rate as and when needed

Get In Touch

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