Just been speaking to a client that has a problem with Sage Accounts 50 and during posting a submission an error is appearing;

"Could Not Find Acrobat External Window Handler"

While discussing the issue and actions leading up to the error occuring and the expected result, it turns out that the submission receives a response in the form of a PDF document, and whilst the browser is processing the request on behalf of the application, there is an error accessing the Adobe plug-in.

I did not take the time to trace the error any further, as client needed the system running, but the error was reminiscent of errors I have seen previously.

The issue can be resolved by

  1. Uninstall Adobe Acrobat,
  2. Download Adobe Cleaner Tool and run the tool,
  3. Open a file explorer and type "%temp% into the address bar and press enter,
  4. Select all [CTRL]+A,
  5. Delete all temporary files for the current user,
  6. Reboot the PC,
  7. Re-install Adobe Acrobat.

Hope this helps someone.

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