Network Install IRIS Bureau Payroll v2.23.97

Recently, whilst performing an software upgrade for a network installation for a client we have been met with the error;

Error 1315. Unable to write to the specified folder


It turns out after checking to be an issue with a Windows Update KB4551762. Upon removal, the software installed without issue.

Update: 27/04/2020

Microsoft has released another Windows Update KB4549951 which reportedly fixes issues in KB4551762. We have tested this update with the IRIS Bureau Payroll installer and the installation fails again with the "Error 1315". Removal of the Update KB4549951 allows the installation to succeed.

The windows updates can then be re-installed after which the software continues to function.


When installing an upgrade the error 1315 arises.
New installations do not appear to have an issue, only upgrades.

Environment Issues with Windows Update

The below configuration seems to trigger the issue.
  • The software is installed in a network location
  • The network location is accessed through a mapped drive
  • The network is a peer-to-peer based workgroup, domain network does not appear to be affected
  • The install is run from a non-privileged account (Local User)
  • Elevated privileges are required to install the software
  • Installation is being run from an *.msi installer

Basic Checks

  • Ensure user exists on destination computer
  • Ensure elevated user exists on destination computer
  • Check user and elevated user has neccessary security permissions typically "Full Control on the shared folders Security and Sharing tabs
  • Open a command prompt and an elevated command prompt and run "net use" and check that access to mapped share is "ok". If not correct the issue by running;

    net use {DriveLetter}: \\{COMPUTERNAME}\{SHAREDFOLDER}

  • Open the shared folder and ensure your user can create, rename, edit and delete folders and files.

If all the above is ok, maybe you are having an issue with the above Windows Update KB4551762 or the newer KB4549951.

In troubleshooting, we discovered that we could install the software to a new network folder and that was successful, but if we un-installed and then re-installed to the same folder, it would then fail again with the Error 1315. Installing to the new network folder from a second networked workstation would also fail.

Steps To Reproduce

We have been able to reproduce the error for troubleshooting quite easily. Setup a virtual environment with 3 VMs from your preferred software. The Client with issues had PC's that originally came with Win10 1803, so we installed that to all 3 VMs and updated to 1903 and just before 1909 upgrade. Next steps;
  • Do not install any of the above updates
  • Setup share for IRIS Bureau data on one VM
  • Install IRIS 2.22.xx on the 2 other VMs
  • Allow Windows Updates to continue until KB4551762 is installed
  • Try upgrading IRIS Bureau Payroll, it should fail.
  • Remove KB4551762 and IRIS Bureau will install.

Conclusions Drawn - but not verified

The Windows Update KB4551762, provides changes to Windows SMB 3.1.1 and can only assume that the changes within the Windows Update are interfering with the privilege escalation required to do the software upgrade. If we discover anymore as to the reason why, we will update this post.

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