There may be times where it is necessary to reconnect to your Sage Data within Sage Drive, we have seen it happen a few times these past few months. Maybe the client data has been moved to a new PC, the host PC has stopped updating the data within Sage Drive and has been re-uploaded to a new company or your link has been broken for some other reason.

Reconnect To Your Sage Drive Data

The quickest way to restore to the same location without creating duplicate companies is to;
  • Open a file manager and browse to where the Sage Company Data is currently stored,
  • Rename the Sage Company Data Folder, e.g. COMPANY.000 to COMPANY.000.old,
  • Create a folder of the name of the original folder e.g. COMPANY.000,
  • Open Sage Accounts and Add A New Company,
  • Add a new company from Sage Drive,
  • When asked to choose the location to save the company, browse to the folder you just created,
  • You will require the login credentials for the Sage Drive Account to complete the process,

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