Do you need ICT Support?

Server, Workstation PC or maybe your laptop giving you grief?
Is your network, broadband or WiFi being slow or having connection issues?
Concerned about security?
Are your thinking of upgrading your Server, PC, laptop or network and needing advice?

Since being established in March 1997, we have been providing support services for small to medium sized businesses and home customers. We are here to help you whatever your ICT or IT issues are as we have a wealth of experience and knowledge gained over the past 23 years in business.

Based in Marple, Stockport, we can provide support locally on-site and off-site via remote access for all your communication and computing needs.

Server & Computer Maintenance Plans

At a glance:
  • Remote support
  • Onsite support
  • Patching, security updates, Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
  • Preventative desktop maintenance
  • Backup monitoring and testing
  • Regular review and technology planning
Did you know that;
  • We respond to every support request within the same day
  • 90% of software related requests are fixed in under an hour

Server Maintenance Plans

Computer Maintenance Plans

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